Mounting and testing gauges

The mounting gauges are used to set the gap between the scale unit and the scanning unit if the shipping brace needs to be removed before mounting. 

The test gauges are used to quickly and easily check the gap of the mounted linear encoder. The mounting and testing gauges are available for both slimline and full-size encoders.

Mounting tools

The various mounting aids each simulate an optimally mounted scanning unit. The customer’s fastening for the scanning unit can be easily aligned to it. The mounting aid is then removed and the scanning unit is attached to the mounting bracket.

The mounting aids for the large-length encoders are locked to the scale unit.

For LC 1x5:ID 1067589-02
For LS 1x7:ID 547793-02
For LC 2x1, LB 382:ID 824039-01

The mounting aid for the slimline encoders is designed for use with the mounting rail MSL 41. It is clamped on the attached mounting spar. 

Mounting aid for MSL 41ID 753853-01

Mounting spar / clamping element

Mounting spar

The encoders of the 400 series require mounting with a mounting spar for measuring lengths of more than 1240 mm. HEIDENHAIN recommends using the mounting spar for measuring lengths over 620 mm to meet high dynamic requirements. The mounting spar can be fastened as part of the machine assembly process. The encoder can be simply clamped on later during final assembly. If service becomes necessary, the encoder can be just as easily exchanged. For the mounting spar MSL 41, the components required for clamping are already preassembled. It is designed for linear encoders with normal or short end blocks. The LC 4x5, LF 4x5 and LS 4x7 can be mounted by either side to enable a cable outlet at either end. The MSL 41 mounting spar must be ordered separately.

MSL 41 mounting sparID 770902-xx

Clamping elements

As an alternative to the mounting spar, LC 4x5 can also ensure vibration resistance through the use of clamping elements. With a rightward cable outlet, the scale unit of the LC 4x5 fastened at its end blocks can be additionally fixed by the clamping elements. This eliminates the need of a mounting spar for measuring lengths greater than 620 mm.

Clamping element (10 pcs.)ID 556975-01

Accessories for sealing air

The sealed linear and angle encoders from HEIDENHAIN can be operated with sealing air to increase the level of protection. This offers additional security against contamination.

HEIDENHAIN offers the DA 400 compressed-air filter system for purifying the compressed air. It is designed specifically for the introduction of compressed air into encoders. The DA 400 has special filters that ensure a constant air filtration even at low flow rates. It is extremely tolerant towards sudden changes in pressure in the air supply, such as can be caused by other consumers in the machine being switched on or off. The DA 400 consists of three filter stages (prefilter, microfilter and activated carbon filter) and a pressure regulator with manometer. The sealing air function can be effectively monitored using a manometer and pressure switch (available as accessory).

DA 400Compressed-Air Filter SystemID 894602-01
DS-DA 400Pressure switchID 810471-01

For optimum sealing air supply to the encoders, the required compressed air quantity is 7 l/min to 10 l/min per length measuring device or 1 l/min to 4 l/min per angle encoder. Connecting pieces with an integrated throttle should be used to regulate the air volume. The throttles ensure the prescribed flow quantities at an input pressure of approx. 1*105 Pa (1 bar).

Connecting pieces with throttle for tube, 6x1
7 to 10 l/min for linear encoders at end blockID 226270-02
7 to 10 l/min for linear encoders at mounting blockID 275239-01
1 to 4 l/min for angle encodersID 207835-04
Adapters without throttle
SpacerID 230905-01
Swiveling screw fitting 90°ID 207834-02
Swiveling screw fitting 180°ID 630380-01

1/4” socket wrench for mounting the cable

The socket wrench makes it possible to mount the encoder connector to the adapter cable when space is limited.

Socket wrenchID 618965-02

Lubricating device

The greasing device allows simple lubrication of the sealing lips of the LC 2x1 and LB 382 multi-section linear encoders.

Greasing deviceID 1104590-04

Mounting Instructions

Lubricating device