Comprehensive diagnostics functionality thanks to EnDat 2.2 interface

Industry 4.0, among other factors, concerns gaining more information about the quality of each individual machining step and each quality inspection step. HEIDENHAIN ACANTO length gauges provide realistically analyzable information about the measurements. This is made possible with the bidirectional EnDat 2.2 interface. In addition to providing the position value, the interface also provides further information about the length gauge:  

  • Valuation numbers supply data about the current state of the length gauge. They therefore enable continuous monitoring of the function reserve of scanning.
  • Warnings and alarms allow conclusions to be drawn about components affected by equipment failure.
  • The electronic ID plate can be read out and shows all of the length gauge’s specifications.

The subsequent electronics can independently configure the measuring step with the transmitted information. The EnDat 2.2. interface also enables the retransfer of information to the length gauge.  

Two company departments directly benefit from this added value:

  • Quality Assurance can determine the quality of measurements with this diagnostics information.  
  • Machine Maintenance is able to avoid unnecessary idle times during production thanks to the valuation numbers.  

The valuation numbers are recalculated upon interrogation. The length gauge can thereby detect when a light source is aging or contaminated, for example. The additional information can be provided by all HEIDENHAIN evaluation electronics, and supplementary software or hardware modules are not needed. The following evaluation units are available for the purpose: 

  • the ND 287 for single or dual-axis measuring tasks
  • the ND 2100G GAGE-CHEK with up to eight measuring channels

These evaluation electronics support the EnDat 2.2 interface and ensure all applications benefit from this diagnosis functionality. 

The absolute scanning of HEIDENHAIN ACANTO length gauges immediately delivers a measured value without the need for a reference run. The length gauges with a measuring range of 12 mm or 30 mm repeatedly measure a new absolute value. Measuring errors from excessive plunger speeds, caused by bounce for example, belong to the past. Today’s HEIDENHAIN ACANTO length gauges are equipped now for future requirements. Evaluating the quality of measurements and the status information of the device provides added value for various departments in the company and helps to design production with greater efficiency.

ACANTO highlights

DiagnosisMomentary operating status of the length gauge
Absolute measuring principleNew position value is repeatedly determined, no counting errors
Degree of protectionUp to IP67

Products used in this application

Recommended accessories
Cable for encoder connection801142-01
ND 287 with one measuring channel636287-01