TNC 320 - The Compact Contouring Control for Milling, Drilling and Boring Machines

Thanks to its flexible operating concept – workshop-oriented programmability with HEIDENHAIN conversational programming or external programming – and its scope of features, it is especially suited for use on universal milling, drilling and boring machines for  

  • series and single-part production
  • tool and die making
  • manufacture of machines
  • research and development
  • prototype production and testing facilities
  • repair departments
  • educational and training institutes  

The TFT 15-inch color monitor shows a clear overview of all relevant information for programming, operating and inspecting the machine tool and control such as program blocks, comments and error messages. More information is provided through graphic support during program entry, test run and actual machining.

The selectable split-screen display shows the part program blocks in one half of the screen and the graphics or  the status display in the other half.

During the course of the program, status displays will always offer information on tool position, the current program, active cycles and coordinate transformations, and other data. The TNC 320 even shows the current machining time.