Improve the quality of your machine

The result of a machine tool operation, for example with regard to tolerances, surface definition etc., is determined essentially by the dynamic and static accuracy of machine movement. For precision machining it is therefore important to measure and, if necessary, compensate for deviations in motion.

With special measuring equipment, we can offer you an evaluation of the dynamic and static motion deviation of your machine tool (as per ISO 230-2, ISO 230-3, ISO 230-4 and ISO 10791-6 K2 and K3 as well as according to the VDI/DGQ Directive 3441).

Various methods are available, depending on the demands:

Circular test with small radii
to determine the dynamic control behavior of an NC control with a KGM grid encoder (with up to 230 mm diameter)

Determining the positioning accuracy or ascertaining defective guidance
of small machine axes (up to 1000 mm) using the VM comparator system

Calibration of machine axes with the laser interferometer

  • Geometry inspection
  • Parallelism
  • Straightness measurement
  • Squareness measurement
  • Linear position measurements
  • Flatness measurement
  • Tilting angle measurement

Volumetric compensation
to find volumetric deviations in the entire working space on new or used machine tools with HEIDENHAIN controls