MC main computer

    CC or UEC controller units

    BF TFT flat-panel display with soft keys (15.1-inch or 19-inch)

    TE control panel (suitable for 15.1-inch or 19-inch screens)

    Operating system

    HEROS 5 real-time operating system for machine control


    RAM memory: 4 GB

    Program memory: SSDR approx. 32 GB

    HDR approx. 160 GB

    Input resolution and display step



    Linear axes: to 0.1 µm

    Angular axes: to 0.000 1°

    Linear axes: to 0.01 µm

    Angular axes: to 0.000 01°

    Input range

    Maximum 999 999 999 mm or 999 999 999°




    Linear in 4 axes

    Linear in 5 axes (subject to export permit)

    Circular in 2 axes

    Circular in 3 axes with tilted working plane

    Helical: superimposition of circular and straight paths

    Block processing time

    0.5 ms (3-D straight line without radius compensation)

    Axis feedback control

    Position loop resolution: Signal period of the position encoder/1024

    Position controller cycle time: 200 µs (100 µs with option 49)

    Speed controller cycle time: 200 µs (100 µs with option 49)

    Current controller cycle time: minimum 100 µs (minimum 50 µs with option 49)

    Range of traverse

    Maximum 100 m (3937 inches)

    Spindle speed

    Maximum of 60 000 rpm (with option 49, max. 120 000 rpm) for motors with one pole pair

    Error compensation

    Linear and nonlinear axis error, backlash, reversal peaks during circular movements, reversal error, thermal expansion

    Static friction, sliding friction

    Data interfaces


    One each RS-232-C/V.24 max. 115 kbps

    Extended data interface with LSV2 protocol for remote operation of the TNC over the data interface with the HEIDENHAIN software TNCremo or TNCremoPlus

    2 x Gigabit Ethernet interface 1000BASE-T

    5 x USB (1 x front USB 2.0, 4 x USB 3.0)

    HEIDENHAIN-DNC for communication between a Windows application and TNC (DCOM interface)


    Fast and simple troubleshooting through integrated diagnostic aids

    Ambient temperature

    Operation: +5 °C to +40 °C

    Storage: –20 °C to +60 °C