iTNC 530






    MC main computer

    CC controller unit

    TE operating panel (suitable for screens with 15.1 or 19 inches)

    BF color TFT flat-panel display with soft keys (15.1 or 19 inches)

    Operating system

    HEROS real-time operating system for machine control

    NC program memory

    RAM memory: 2 GB

    In version with HDR hard disk: approx. 144 GB

    In version with SSDR solid state disk: approx. 21 GB

    Input resolution and display step

    Linear axes: up to 0.1 µm

    Angular axes: to 0.000 1°

    Input range

    Maximum 99 999.999 mm (3.937 inches) or 99 999.999°










    Linear in 4 axes

    Linear in 5 axes (subject to export permit)

    Circular in 2 axes

    Circular in 3 axes with tilted working plane

    Helical: superimposition of circular and straight paths

    Spline: execution of splines (3rd degree polynomial)

    Block processing time

    0.5 ms (3-D straight line without radius compensation)

    Axis feedback control

    Position loop resolution: Signal period of the position encoder/1024

    Cycle time of position controller: 200 µs

    Cycle time of speed controller: 200 µs

    Cycle time of current controller: minimum 50 µs

    Range of traverse

    Maximum 100 m (3937 inches)

    Spindle speed

    Maximum 60 000 rpm (with 2 pole pairs)

    Error compensation


    Linear and nonlinear axis error, backlash, reversal spikes during circular movements, hysteresis, thermal expansion

    Static friction, sliding friction

    Data interfaces










    One each RS-232-C/V.24 and RS-422/V.11, max. 115 Kbps

    Extended data interface with LSV2 protocol for remote operation of the iTNC 530 over the data interface with the HEIDENHAIN software TNCremo or TNCremoPlus

    2 x Gigabit Ethernet interface 1000BASE-T

    4 x USB (1 x front USB 2.0; 3 x rear USB 3.0)

    HEIDENHAIN-DNC for communication between a Windows application and iTNC (DCOM interface)


    Fast and simple troubleshooting through integrated diagnostic aids

    Ambient temperature

    Operation: 0 °C to +50 °C

    Storage: –20 °C to +60 °C